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Sign our petitionChange happens when people come together to support what is right.  Signing the petition is the first thing you can do but we also recommend that you contact your elected officials to demand change. 

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Please join our facebook page.  Crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows the number of fatal hit-and-run crashes is trending upward.  Something must be done! click here

Family Plea

GodWillMakeAWayFelicia A. Marino of Holbrook, NY is the person responsible for taking Cheri from us on October 5th, 2013 in a fatal hit-and-run murder.  Felicia never notified the police of this fatality and cleverly avoided a blood alcohol test by hiding behind the law.  Felicia is now being charged with "Leaving The Scene of a Crime" instead of "Vehicular Manslaughter" and could only get probation!!  Please help us to make a difference for others and to honor Cheri by signing our petition.